Dean Nucich

Growing up in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Dean was introduced to the world class quality of California wines while attending graduate school at the University of Southern California.  Dean’s passion for hand crafted premium wine led him to the Napa Valley, where he took time out from his real estate development career, to volunteer for Mike Smith during harvest in 2009.  After spending three years volunteering crush for Mike Smith and countless hours of tasting and talking about wines with friend Jim Fox, the birth of our new project was formed.  As co-founder and proprietor of Patiné Cellars, Dean is responsible for the day-to-day business operations of the company.

Dean holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia, a Master of Real Estate Development from the University of Southern California and an honorary PHD in cleaning tanks and wine making equipment from Carter-Envy, Calistoga, California.

Mike Smith

Mike Smith’s purist approach to winemaking promotes the fruit to fully reveal itself in his wines while showcasing the personality and terroir of the vineyards to their fullest extent. Mike Smith’s passion for fine wine led him to the Napa Valley in 2001 where he mentored under one of Napa’s most notorious winemaker. To learn his craft, Mike travelled from Portland, Oregon volunteering to work crush for three years before moving his family to Saint Helena in an effort to pursue his dream full time. Working alongside one of the great winemakers of well renowned labels, a great foundation was established for Mike and his wife Leah to pursue their own label Myriad Cellars.

Through his dedication, passion and consistency for making some of the greatest wines in the valley, Mike has established himself as one of the premier winemakers in the Napa Valley.  Mike’s impressive client list includes Carter Cellars, Quivet Cellars, 12C and Scarlett. Patiné is custom crushed alongside these great wines at the Carter–Envy winery in Calistoga, California.

Jim Fox

As a Los Angeles Kings’ player, everything was about wins and losses, and even though this intense competition was extremely rewarding, I realized after retiring from the NHL that wine offered me something that was very different, but just as fulfilling.  A games’ final score can be so “black and white,” and while wine is scored and rated, it is the many various intangible rewards that I have grown to love.  Wine is about the art, the process and the creation, as much as it is about the results.  It brings the day-to-day challenge of striving for the best but also offers the artistic element of working alongside Mother Nature.  Wine’s intrigue is so encompassing that I literally can’t wait for critically acclaimed winemaker Mike Smith to create something special and taste that next glass of Patiné Pinot Noir!

As co-founder of Patiné Cellars, I serve as the marketing brand ambassador actively participating in tasting events.